The Nextpertise API is the tool used by third parties suchs as resellers to order and manage items in the Nextpertise product portfolio.

The product portfolio is organized in product classes. Some product classes are further divided into product groups. As a user of the API you will be granted access to one or more of these product classes or groups.

The API is under constant development. While it initially contains just a single product group, with time the API will expand and will eventually incorporate the entire Nextpertise product portfolio.


Where to find what.

The Nextpertise API comprises three sections:


The documentation (you’re reading it right now) is found at

JSON Schema files

These files define and document the JSON documents exchanged over the API. Both requests and replies are described using these files. The schema files are found at

API Access

The API functions are grouped in product classes. Each product class has its own URL. The generic form is<productclass>. Note that these URLs are only accessible through SSL.

API sample clients

The Github repository API-Clients contains sample API clients written in Python and PHP.

Version numbers

Nextpertise uses Semantic Versioning for its version numbers. This means that our version numbers have the format MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH where we increment

  • MAJOR when making incompatible changes,

  • MINOR when adding functionality in a backwards compatible way

  • PATCH when making backwards compatible bug fixes.

This implies that, in MINOR and PATCH releases, we can introduce new keys to the functions input and/or output schemas as long as these keys are not mandatory.