Eventually all API functions should have a test version. The test version of a function is designed to let you test your client code with the API.

Test and production code will be processed by the service in an identical manner. Only when calling on external entities (like KNP or Tele2 services) is there a difference. The test version will not make those calls but simulate their behaviour. You can control that simulation through the request you make.

Current API functions depend on the presence of a zipcode value. Dutch zipcodes do not start with the digit ‘0’. Therefore we have chosen to use zipcodes starting with a ‘0’ as test codes. This allows us to notice when test and production mode are accidentally mixed. You will generally receive an Invalid Zipcode Error response if this happens.

The zipcode you provide will control how the simulated providers will respond.

0100AA 1

zipcode() and zipcode() will provide you with ADSL, VDSL and SDSL and Fiber connections.

carriercheck() will return data for Copper as well as Fiber carriers.

get_carrier_voice_type() returns “POTS” for every call.